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Know your customers - Enhance your business

clubscan is a fast, easy to use ID reading system that eliminates the need to have magnetic strip or bar code readers for the purpose of collecting information to develop a customer database.

The advantage this system has over all others is that, since our system supports driver's licenses for all 50 states, passports, and military ID's you get real data that accurately reflects all of your business regardless of where your customers are from.

clubscan Features
  • Age verification
  • Fast ID scanning
  • Demographic statistics

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This is a unique system that uses the latest in optical character recognition (OCR) to process the information on an ID.

clubscan provides a new way to capture the important information such as; name, age, gender, etc. Once the information is captured it's stored into a powerful database application that enables you to very quickly view several demographic statistics providing an invaluable resource for enhancing your business.


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